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To some people — the born politicians and the savvy socialites — networking comes naturally. However, for the rest of us, finding contacts, getting up the courage to call or meet them, and then following through can be daunting. The articles in this section will help you master the fine art of networking to land your desired job.
Eight simple strategies to network your way to a new job.
Informational interviewing is an excellent way to learn more about a career you are considering and an excellent source of networking contacts. Forms Advisory Board

Industry experts to strengthen company’s leadership position

New York, N.Y., July 15, 2003 –, the data storage industry’s leading job board and career portal, today announced the formation of its Board of Advisors, an influential group of industry experts that will provide strategic advice to’s executive management team.

“We have recruited an exceptional and diverse team of advisors,” said Jamie Matlin, President of  “With input from the advisory board, I am confident that will be better positioned to address the needs of the industry.”

The charter members of’s Board of Advisors bring extensive, senior-level experience to the board and represent a broad spectrum of the industry.  The Board of Advisors include:

• Bill Beattie, Vice President of Human Resources, CommVault Systems

• Michael Cullen, Senior Director, Executive Search, EMC Corporation

• Deborah Johnson, President & CEO, Infinity I/O

• Randy Kerns, Partner, The Evaluator Group

• Michael Thorson, President, Minnesota Open SAN User Group

• Scott Valcourt, Managing Director, University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory

“By establishing the advisory board, has demonstrated a clear commitment to meeting the specialized career needs of storage professionals,” said Randy Kerns, a partner of the industry analyst firm The Evaluator Group, and member of the advisory board.  “I expect the board’s discussions to be lively and stimulating as we will hear perspectives from vendors, an end user, and other industry executives.”

The first meeting of the Board of Advisors will be held on July 17, 2003.  The board will conduct focused strategic discussions to help broaden its customer base and strengthen its role as a key player in the industry.

About ( is a leading employment website dedicated to serving the needs of the data storage industry.  Built around’s core of an industry-specific job board is a plethora of resources and tools for the everyday storage professional. brings together the storage professional and the storage employer into one community.  Headquartered in New York City, provides a powerful and inexpensive solution for both recruiters and data storage employers. aims to continue its efforts to solidify its position as the industry standard for the recruitment of data storage professionals. can be reached at 877-567-1414 or info AT

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Jobstor Selected as Career Partner of Choice for Storage World Conference 2003

Leading storage industry career site to raise awareness of career advancement and development at Storage World Conference 2003

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIF. — March 12, 2003 — Storage World Conference (SWC) today announced that it is partnering with, a storage industry-specific job board and career portal, to provide career resource services. Jobstor will exhibit and provide recruitment services to storage vendors during the upcoming storage industry event scheduled for May 5-7, 2003, at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California. The exhibit and on-site career services will introduce both storage vendors and storage professionals to a more efficient, cost effective means to job search and talent recruitment.

“jobstor is continually looking for strategic partners to help raise the levels of awareness for industry specific tools such as jobstor’s career portal” says Jamie Matlin, President of “SWC does an excellent job of pulling together some of the best minds and talent our industry has to offer. We are very excited about our connection to an event that puts such a focus on career advancement and development through education.” is a website dedicated exclusively for data storage industry professionals. Used by human resource managers, recruiters and hiring managers to efficiently recruit from thousands of qualified storage professionals through a single source. Experienced professionals seeking job opportunities within the top companies of the storage industry can access an extensive database of job listings easily searched by position, location and specialty area.

“Given the current business climate, a career resource provider is sorely needed in the storage industry by storage vendors and storage professionals, alike,” said Daniel Delshad, chairman of Storage World Conference. “jobstor’s expertise in providing talent to the storage industry will add a new and synergistic dimension to SWC’s educational program.”

SWC’s inaugural certification program will include two Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) tutorials, and classes taught by industry experts on a variety of basic to advanced technical topics. SWC’s strategic partner Network Computing will allow attendees to tap into the experience of Network Computing editors as they cover real-world issues such as reliability, integration, business justification and vendor viability. Jobstor’s participation will complement SWC’s education program by providing timely recruitment and career resource information to storage vendors and professionals.

About Storage World Conference

Storage World Conference is focused on data storage networking and management. Among storage industry conferences, the event boasts the largest slate of speakers, with end users, vendors, industry analysts and press participating. The 2003 conference will expand to three days – featuring an educational program on May 5, as well as a storage solutions laboratory, exhibits and interactive panels on storage networking and management scheduled for May 6 and 7. The fast-paced and informative speaker program focuses on timely storage issues facing the IT community today; namely, storage management and how to capture the return on investment. Rounding out the perspective, end users will discuss best practices and their concerns about business continuity, disaster recovery and data security.

Over 1500, including 790 end users and 116 analysts and press, registered for the 2002 event, that featured storage industry notables from EMC Corporation, Hewlett-Packard Company, Hitachi Data Systems, Imation Corporation, INRANGE Technologies, McDATA Corporation, Network Appliance, Quantum Corporation, Sony Corporation, StorageTek, Computer Associates International, Inc., StorageNetworks Inc. In all, over 50 companies, comprised of the leading storage management and services providers, were represented in the exhibits and on the discussion panels.

For more information and to find out how end users, press and analysts can attend free of charge, visit the SWC website,

Storage World Conference Contact:

Daniel Delshad


Storage World Conference 2002


Media Contact:

Lindsey Mitobe


About ( is a job board and career portal designed exclusively for the Data storage industry. It brings together Data Storage Employers with Data Storage professionals. features an extensive database of data storage job openings, career management tools and a fast and easy-to-use recruiting service. Headquartered in New York, provides a powerful and inexpensive solution for both recruiters and data storage employers. can be reached at 877-567-1414 or info AT

Scanable Resume Design …

Designing a Scannable Resume

by – The Net’s Premier Resume Writing & Editing Service

What happens when you create a beautiful paper resume and mail or fax it to a company that scans resumes into a computerized database instead of forwarding it to a hiring manager for review? It ends up in cyberspace instead of on someone’s desk. This automated process requires some special design considerations in order to make your resume scanner friendly, which is what this section addresses.

According to U.S. News & World Report, more than 1,000 unsolicited resumes arrive every week at most Fortune 500 companies, and before the days of applicant tracking systems and resume scanning, 80 percent were thrown out after a quick review. It was simply impossible to keep track of that much paper. As companies downsize and human resource departments become smaller, it is even more important to manage the job application and screening processes in an efficient manner.

Today, nearly half of all mid-sized companies and almost all large companies are scanning resumes and using computerized applicant tracking systems (still just 30 percent of all job openings, though). Some smaller companies turn to service bureaus to manage their scanning or to recruiters who scan resumes because of the volume of resumes they receive every day. If you are sending your resume to one of these companies and your paper resume is not formatted in such a way that a scanner can read it, the words won’t be spelled right. And, if the words aren’t spelled right, a keyword search will never turn up your resume.

This section is devoted to helping you avoid the pitfalls that commonly cause a resume to scan poorly. This includes choosing the right fonts, laying out the text of your resume in such a way that it is scanner friendly, selecting the right paper color, etc. With these guidelines, your resume will be ready for a hiring manager’s computerized keyword search.

If you would rather not worry about whether your resume is scannable, then simply send your formatted resume (styled any way you like) along with an unformatted (ASCII text) resume. Your recipient will then have a choice whether to scan the “ugly” one or to send the formatted one to the hiring manager for review. You can never go wrong when you send both styles.

Understanding the Technology


Your Name





Sample Resume

From Designing the Perfect Resume,by Pat Criscito.

Copyright 2000.  Reprinted by arrangement with Barron’s Educational Series, Inc.

Interview Types (page 2)

Types of Interviews Cont’d

The Meandering Style

This interview type, usually used by inexperienced interviewers, relies on you to lead the discussion. It might begin with a statement like “tell me about yourself,” which you can use to your advantage. The interviewer might ask you another broad, open-ended question before falling into silence. This interview style allows you tactfully to guide the discussion in a way that best serves you.

The following strategies, which are helpful for any interview, are particularly important when interviewers use a non-directive approach:

Come to the interview prepared with highlights and anecdotes of your skills, qualities and experiences. Do not rely on the interviewer to spark your memory-jot down some notes that you can reference throughout the interview.

Remain alert to the interviewer. Even if you feel like you can take the driver’s seat and go in any direction you wish, remain respectful of the interviewer’s role. If he or she becomes more directive during the interview, adjust.

Ask well-placed questions. Although the open format allows you significantly to shape the interview, running with your own agenda and dominating the conversation means that you run the risk of missing important information about the company and its needs.

The Stress Interview

Astounding as this is, the Greek hazing system has made its way into professional interviews. Either employers view the stress interview as a legitimate way of determining candidates’ aptness for a position or someone has latent maniacal tendencies. You might be held in the waiting room for an hour before the interviewer greets you. You might face long silences or cold stares. The interviewer might openly challenge your believes or judgment. You might be called upon to perform an impossible task on the fly-like convincing the interviewer to exchange shoes with you. Insults and miscommunication are common. All this is designed to see whether you have the mettle to withstand the company culture, the clients or other potential stress.

Besides wearing a strong anti-perspirant, you will do well to:

Remember that this is a game. It is not personal. View it as the surreal interaction that it is.

Prepare and memorize your main message before walking through the door. If you are flustered, you will better maintain clarity of mind if you do not have to wing your responses.

Even if the interviewer is rude, remain calm and tactful.

Go into the interview relaxed and rested. If you go into it feeling stressed, you will have a more difficult time keeping a cool perspective.

The Behavioral Interview

Many companies increasingly rely on behavior interviews since they use your previous behavior to indicate your future performance. In these interviews, employers use standardized methods to mine information relevant to your competency in a particular area or position. Depending upon the responsibilities of the job and the working environment, you might be asked to describe a time that required problem-solving skills, adaptability, leadership, conflict resolution, multi-tasking, initiative or stress management. You will be asked how you dealt with the situations.

Your responses require not only reflection, but also organization. To maximize your responses in the behavioral format:

Anticipate the transferable skills and personal qualities that are required for the job.

Review your resume. Any of the qualities and skills you have included in your resume are fair game for an interviewer to press.

Reflect on your own professional, volunteer, educational and personal experience to develop brief stories that highlight these skills and qualities in you. You should have a story for each of the competencies on your resume as well as those you anticipate the job requires.

Prepare stories by identifying the context, logically highlighting your actions in the situation, and identifying the results of your actions. Keep your responses concise and present them in less than two minutes.

The Audition

For some positions, such as computer programmers or trainers, companies want to see you in action before they make their decision. For this reason, they might take you through a simulation or brief exercise in order to evaluate your skills. An audition can be enormously useful to you as well, since it allows you to demonstrate your abilities in interactive ways that are likely familiar to you. The simulations and exercises should also give you a simplified sense of what the job would be like. If you sense that other candidates have an edge on you in terms of experience or other qualifications, requesting an audition can help level the playing field.

To maximize on auditions, remember to:

Clearly understand the instructions and expectations for the exercise. Communication is half the battle in real life, and you should demonstrate to the prospective employer that you make the effort to do things right the first time by minimizing confusion.

Treat the situation as if you are a professional with responsibility for the task laid before you. Take ownership of your work.

Brush up on your skills before an interview if you think they might be tested.

The Group Interview

Interviewing simultaneously with other candidates can be disconcerting, but it provides the company with a sense of your leadership potential and style. The group interview helps the company get a glimpse of how you interact with peers-are you timid or bossy, are you attentive or do you seek attention, do others turn to you instinctively, or do you compete for authority? The interviewer also wants to view what your tools of persuasion are: do you use argumentation and careful reasoning to gain support or do you divide and conquer? The interviewer might call on you to discuss an issue with the other candidates, solve a problem collectively, or discuss your peculiar qualifications in front of the other candidates.

This environment might seem overwhelming or hard to control, but there are a few tips that will help you navigate the group interview successfully:

Observe to determine the dynamics the interviewer establishes and try to discern the rules of the game. If you are unsure of what is expected from you, ask for clarification from the interviewer.

Treat others with respect while exerting influence over others.

Avoid overt power conflicts, which will make you look uncooperative and immature.

Keep an eye on the interviewer throughout the process so that you do not miss important cues.

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The Tag-Team Interview

Expecting to meet with Ms. Glenn, you might find yourself in a room with four other people: Ms. Glenn, two of her staff, and the Sales Director. Companies often want to gain the insights of various people when interviewing candidates. This method of interviewing is often attractive for companies that rely heavily on team cooperation. Not only does the company want to know whether your skills balance that of the company, but also whether you can get along with the other workers. In some companies, multiple people will interview you simultaneously. In other companies, you will proceed through a series of one-on-one interviews.

Some helpful tips for maximizing on this interview format:

Treat each person as an important individual. Gain each person’s business card at the beginning of the meeting, if possible, and refer to each person by name. If there are several people in the room at once, you might wish to scribble down their names on a sheet of paper according to where each is sitting. Make eye contact with each person and speak directly to the person asking each question.

Use the opportunity to gain as much information about the company as you can. Just as each interviewer has a different function in the company, they each have a unique perspective. When asking questions, be sensitive not to place anyone in a position that invites him to compromise confidentiality or loyalty.

Bring at least double the anecdotes and sound-bites to the interview as you would for a traditional one-on-one interview. Be ready to illustrate your main message in a variety of ways to a variety of people.

Prepare psychologically to expend more energy and be more alert than you would in a one-on-one interview. Stay focused and adjustable.

The Mealtime Interview

For many, interviewing over a meal sounds like a professional and digestive catastrophe in the making. If you have difficulty chewing gum while walking, this could be a challenge. With some preparation and psychological readjustment, you can enjoy the process. Meals often have a cementing social effect-breaking bread together tends to facilitate deals, marriages, friendships, and religious communion. Mealtime interviews rely on this logic, and expand it.

Particularly when your job requires interpersonal acuity, companies want to know what you are like in a social setting. Are you relaxed and charming or awkward and evasive? Companies want to observe not only how you handle a fork, but also how you treat your host, any other guests, and the serving staff.

Some basic social tips help ease the complexity of mixing food with business:

Take cues from your interviewer, remembering that you are the guest. Do not sit down until your host does. Order something slightly less extravagant than your interviewer. If he badly wants you to try a particular dish, oblige him. If he recommends an appetizer to you, he likely intends to order one himself. Do not begin eating until he does. If he orders coffee and dessert, do not leave him eating alone.

If your interviewer wants to talk business, do so. If she and the other guests discuss their upcoming travel plans or their families, do not launch into business.

Try to set aside dietary restrictions and preferences. Remember, the interviewer is your host. It is rude to be finicky unless you absolutely must. If you must, be as tactful as you can. Avoid phrases like: “I do not eat mammals,” or “Shrimp makes my eyes swell and water.”

Choose manageable food items, if possible. Avoid barbeque ribs and spaghetti.

Find a discrete way to check your teeth after eating. Excuse yourself from the table for a moment.

Practice eating and discussing something important simultaneously.

Thank your interviewer for the meal.

The Follow-up Interview

Companies bring candidates back for second and sometimes third or fourth interviews for a number of reasons. Sometimes they just want to confirm that you are the amazing worker they first thought you to be. Sometimes they are having difficulty deciding between a short-list of candidates. Other times, the interviewer’s supervisor or other decision makers in the company want to gain a sense of you before signing a hiring decision.

The second interview could go in a variety of directions, and you must prepare for each of them. When meeting with the same person again, you do not need to be as assertive in your communication of your skills. You can focus on cementing rapport, understanding where the company is going and how your skills mesh with the company vision and culture. Still, the interviewer should view you as the answer to their needs. You might find yourself negotiating a compensation package. Alternatively, you might find that you are starting from the beginning with a new person.

Some tips for managing second interviews:

Be confident. Accentuate what you have to offer and your interest in the position.

Probe tactfully to discover more information about the internal company dynamics and culture.

Walk through the front door with a plan for negotiating a salary.

Be prepared for anything: to relax with an employer or to address the company’s qualms about you.

To provide job listings to tidalwire

NEW YORK, NY – August 26, 2002 –, The Data Storage Job Board and TidalWire, a specialist in the distribution and support of storage networking products, have signed a development agreement to integrate storage industry-specific career content in the recruitment area on TidalWire’s website,

Visitors to the TidalWire web site will now be able to access a career portal containing content specific to the data storage industry.  Within the site’s recruitment section, Storage Jobs, individuals will be able to search for employment opportunities by title, keyword, job type and geographic location.

“We are excited to provide this service to TidalWire making jobstor a valuable contributor to their online offerings,” said Jamie Matlin, co-Founder of  “TidalWire has built an excellent online resource for the data storage industry.  Choosing to power its recruitment section further strengthens our position as the career portal of choice for the storage industry.”

“Our goal with is to provide a complete information resource to the enterprise storage community,” said Jeanne Friedman, TidalWire Marketing VP.  “Partnering with jobstor, a job board that solely targets the storage community, provides major synergies for both companies.”

About ( is an employment web site designed exclusively for the Data Storage Industry. It brings together Data Storage Employers with Data Store Professionals. features an extensive database of data storage job openings, career management tools and a fast and easy-to-use recruiting service. Headquartered in New York, provides a powerful and inexpensive solution for both recruiters and Data Storage employers. can be reached at 646-274-1414 or

About TidalWire

TidalWire Inc. is a specialist in the distribution and support of storage area network (SAN) products.  Since 1997, TidalWire has provided thousands of storage-focused resellers, integrators and service providers with best-of-breed SAN products, direct from the industry’s top manufacturers. TidalWire is an authorized EMC™ Distribution Partner for products tested in EMC’s E-Labs.  The TidalWire Advantage includes 24/7/365 pre- and post-sale support programs. “The Storage Connection” at is an award-winning web portal dedicated to the product purchase and informational needs of enterprise storage professionals.  TidalWire can be reached at 508-621-4796 or

To Power Job Center On

NEW YORK, NY – September 23, 2002 –, The Data Storage Job Board and, the online resource for mass storage professionals, have signed a development agreement to integrate storage  industry-specific career content in the Job Center area on’s website,

Visitors to the web site will now be able to access a career portal containing content specific to the data storage industry.  Within the site’s recruitment section, Job Center, individuals will be able to search for employment opportunities by title, keyword, job type and geographic location.

“Making connections is what it’s all about for our members, so continuous expansion of our members’ visibility through partners like is a high priority” said Jamie Matlin, co-Founder of “ has built an excellent online resource for the storage professional. This partnership is another example of how strategically enters into relationships with some of the Internet’s foremost information providers, which further validates jobstor as the career portal of choice for the data storage industry.”

“Our focus with is to continuously maintain, develop, and provide the most comprehensive information that storage professionals require to succeed in the enterprise storage market,” said Derek VanSlyke, Associate Publisher.  “Partnering with jobstor, a job board that solely targets the storage community, is a significant opportunity for both companies allowing new avenues of business development with additional support from one another.”

About ( is an employment web site designed exclusively for the Data Storage Industry. It brings together Data Storage Employers with Data Store Professionals. features an extensive database of data storage job openings, career management tools and a fast and easy-to-use recruiting service. Headquartered in New York, provides a powerful and inexpensive solution for both recruiters and Data Storage employers. can be reached at 646-274-1414 or info AT

About is the online resource for mass storage professionals. is part of the online community.  Since 1996, has provide educational information and services to the IT industry.  In July of 2002, the owners of acquired VertMarkets, formerly Vertical Net SMB.  This acquisition includes the 59 online vertical communities that VertMarkets is comprised of. is in the process of changing its name to IT Storage Online.  This transformation will bring about a new look, navigation, and functionality.  The site will continue to provide, develop, and feature educational information and services for the storage community. can be reached at or by phone at 814-897-7700.